Viewing And Memorial Ideas For Veteran Funerals

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Veteran funerals tend to be part of the veteran's survival and burial benefits. The military honors are shown during the funeral including the presentation of the flag and a possible gun salute. If you have a relative that was a veteran, the funeral itself may already be taken care of and easily planned. However, the viewing and memorial services before the funeral may still need planning. If this is the situation you are in, here are some ideas for the viewing and memorial portions of the funeral.

Remembrance Table

A remembrance table is something you can easily set up in a small portion of the viewing room. This type of table is commonly seen during Memorial Day at various restaurants. However, it can be done during the memorial as well. The table is set up as a VIP table with at least two chairs and two settings for drinks. An American flag is placed in the center of the table. You may also add an emblem of the unit or branch your loved one served in. This not only honors your loved one but also those who have gone before them. 

Battlefield Cross

The battlefield cross memorial is commonly used for fallen soldiers. It consists of the boots, the helmet, the firearm, and the dog tags. You will need to discuss the firearm portion with the funeral home. Many funeral homes do allow it as long as the firearm is unloaded and is legally registered to a family member of the veteran. This shows honor to your loved one and the time they served the United States. 

Memorial Lantern

A memorial lantern can be placed on a small table next to the picture of your loved one. The lanterns can have a symbol of the branch of the military. It can also have a patriotic message or memorial to your loved one. The lanterns are available with candles, LED lights, or as an electric lamp style. Many people choose to place a special symbol near the lantern including a guestbook and sometimes a drink depending on where the memorial site is and the funeral home rulings. 

Each of these ideas are designed to honor not only the military service of your loved one but also your loved one themselves. If you are concerned about any aspect of a veteran funeral, discuss these concerns with a funeral home, such as Aspen Mortuaries. They can help you with arrangements, checklists, and any other portion of the planning.


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