The Importance Of Checking References Prior To Renting Out A Home

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Prior to renting out a condo, townhome, or home, it is important to complete reference checks on your potential new tenants. When you complete reference checking, it is important to take to the landlords or property management companies where the tenant resided in the past. You can learn a lot of information, and potentially save yourself from having a bad tenant in your home. Here are a few of the reasons why checking references is important before renting out your home. 

You Can Ensure the Individual Paid Rent On Time

One of the most important reasons why you should complete reference checking on potentially new tenants is because you can learn if these tenants paid their rent on time at their prior rental homes or apartments. A past landlord or property management company can tell you if they paid rent late often, or if they had to be evicted for failing to pay rent. This can tell you a lot about whether a tenant will likely pay your rent on time. 

You Can Learn About the Individuals' Character 

Another important piece of information that you can learn by completing reference checks on potential new tenants is key pieces of information about their character. A past landlord or property management company will tell you if the neighbors complained because the tenant was loud, if there were issues with the tenant moving in an unapproved pet, or if the tenant broke HOA or community rules. This information lets you know more about the tenant you are potentially vetting to move into your space. 

You Can Find Out What Condition the Tenants Left the Home In 

Lastly, when you complete reference checking, you can learn what condition the tenants left their old rental properties in. Did the tenant clean the property up and leave it in good condition? Or were there stains and damage that were left behind? You want a tenant who cares for your property. Completing reference checks can increase your chances of finding a great tenant who will care for your property. 

Completing a reference check can help you to determine if the potential tenants paid rent on time, were good tenants, and helps you find out what condition the tenant left the home in. This can give you some insight into whether they will be a good tenant for you. Completing reference checking can be time-consuming, but utilizing a reference checking platform makes the process as fast and easy as possible. Visit your preferred reference checking platform today to learn how to use this tool to check out potential tenants' references before you sign a lease with them. 


18 July 2022

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