Common Assumptions About Water Well Drilling

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Well drilling contractors can provide individuals with a convenient and easy way of installing a new water well system on their property. Despite the fact that water wells are a relatively old method of providing individuals with water, modern well systems are often poorly understood by those that may benefit the most from their installation.

Assumption: Well Systems Struggle To Provide Sufficient Water Pressure

One assumption that people may make about the installation of a water well system is that it will only be able to provide very low or limited pressure. This can be a major concern, but modern well systems are designed to be able to provide comparable water pressure to homes that are connected to local water utilities. This is possible as the well system will actually fill a large storage tank that will then provide the home with water. As a result, the building will have stable water pressure as long as a large enough tank was chosen for the building's needs.

Assumption: A Water Well May Is Not Suitable For A Business's Needs

There is an assumption that water wells are only useful for residential properties. However, there are many areas where a business may have no other choice but to use a well system to meet its need. While it is possible for a water well to meet the needs of a business, there can be additional factors that will have to be factored into this process. For example, a business may need a much larger amount of water to function. This can lead to it needing a higher capacity well system as well as potentially applying for a special permit to allow it to exceed the standard water well capacity limit for the area.

Assumption: The Well Shaft Will Be Likely To Collapse In The Near Future

Due to the fact that the well shaft may need to be drilled very deep, a person might assume that it will be at a much higher risk of suffering a collapse. Luckily, this is normally not a major problem for a modern well system. They will be drilled large enough to support a tube or other form of reinforcement that can keep the walls of the well stable for many decades. For those that live in areas that experience earthquakes, it will be important to inspect the well after any seismic event to ensure that the integrity of the shaft is intact after this stress.

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17 August 2021

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