How A Security Guard Service Can Help Your Busy Bar Stay Safe

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If you operate a busy bar, you have challenges with security. Whether someone is severely intoxicated or you have minors who try to sneak inside, you still need to keep your premises safe. One way to deal with these problems is to hire a security guard service. Here are some ways they can keep your bar safe.

Check ID To Keep Out Minors

You can have a guard at the entrance to your bar to keep out underage customers. When each person has to show an ID to enter, it cuts down on problems with minors and others who might want in to cause trouble.

Do Bag Checks At The Door

A security guard can also check for weapons and other prohibited items such as drugs and alcohol. They might do bag checks, stop people with suspicious bags, or supervise a metal detection device if your bar has one.

Patrol The Parking Lot

If your bar is located in an area that has problems with crime, the security guards can patrol the lot. This helps customers feel safer so they're more likely to visit your bar. This can also cut down on crime on your property so your bar doesn't get a reputation for car thefts and vandalism.

Patrol The Bar

You may not want your security guards to be discreet in some instances. However, guards can move among the crowd quietly to watch for overly intoxicated customers, aggressive customers, drug use, and other problems that might need to be stopped before they get out of control.

Escort Staff And Entertainers

If your staff stays late to close down the bar, they may appreciate having a security guard service around to escort them to their cars when it's dark and quiet late at night. You might also need the security service to guard and escort entertainers if your bar has live bands, comedians, or other forms of live entertainment.

Diffuse Situations

Bar fights can happen, and they're disruptive and destructive. Fortunately, a security guard can break up fights before they escalate and ruin the atmosphere in your club. If the security guard service can't bring a situation under control, they'll call for police backup as soon as it's needed.

The presence of security guards can make your customers feel safer, especially during times people may not feel safe. You may want guards present all the time or just for special events. A security guard service can work with you to deliver the protection you need and that fits in with your budget. Plus, they'll handle scheduling and other details, which makes the service more convenient to use than hiring your own security team. Contact a security guard service for more information. 


4 June 2021

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