Use An Electronic Log To Monitor Your Delivery Fleet

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An electronic logging device automatically records driving time and service hours that your drivers put in. A custom log that utilizes a software program will allow you to monitor the condition of each vehicle, including fuel consumption and engine performance.

Guarantee That Loads Arrive Safely And On Time

If you currently use paper manifests and logbooks to keep track of the vehicles that make up your fleet and the departure and arrival times of each one, it can be difficult to pinpoint each issue that arises while the vehicles are on the road. Negative customer feedback may have prompted you to make a change in how you record information.

Being aware of what is occurring in real-time can prevent long delays. For instance, if you have a software program that can be accessed from your home or business office, you will have the ability to reach out to a driver who is having difficulty meeting their deadline.

Electronic data logs may require the use of transceivers and GPS systems. Each of these devices will record what is occurring within a vehicle and will transfer the data so that you have access to it from your end. 

Be Transparent About The New Logging Equipment

It is possible to conceal the fact that you will be monitoring your drivers, but doing so could be counterproductive in forging an honest relationship with your employees. When people are aware that they are being monitored, they are more likely to take their responsibilities seriously.

Purchase a fleet management software package that can be customized. Acquire enough transceivers and GPS units to equip each vehicle. Have the transceivers and GPS devices professionally installed. Small units can be wired within each vehicle and may rest upon the dashboard or near the center console.

Update the software so that is reflective of your fleet. Type the name of each driver and the vehicle identification numbers for all of the trucks that comprise the fleet. Test out the equipment to ensure that you are able to receive feedback from each one. Supply cell phones for your crew, if you haven't done so already.

During the course of each day, observe how quickly each route is completed. If any discrepancies become evident, or if you are uncertain if a driver is going to be able to make it to a destination as planned, you can contact a driver or a customer to make changes to a delivery schedule.

Contact a provider of software that performs custom data logs for your fleet to learn more.


27 January 2021

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