Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Professional Movers

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If moving day is coming soon, you may have started looking for a moving service that can assist you. But before you finalize your choice, you should remember that there are a number of other things a good moving company can do for you besides the actual act of the move itself. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your professional movers.

An Estimate Is a Great Way to Get an Introduction If You Are Still Finalizing

If you still haven't narrowed down which local mover you are going to hire, invite the finalists on your list to give you an estimate of what the move would cost. This will let you meet someone from the company if not the actual movers themselves, and you can see if there is a good match between you or not. You'll also be able to know exactly how much the move is going to cost you thanks to the estimate, leaving no surprises on moving day.

Insurance May Be Worth It

Before the day of the move, you may also be asked if you want to sign up for insurance, just in case anything happens on the day of. If you truly don't have much of value, then maybe it's not worth it, but if you have enough stuff to need to hire professional movers in the first place, chances are you may have things like decent-sized TV or a full furniture set. Take a look at the insurance options before you move forward. You can always say no, but it doesn't hurt to just ask for more details.

Consider Packing Services

Many movers offer packing services where they will show up early on the day of or the day before the move and help you pack up. This will help ensure you have enough boxes and verify that everything is as secure as possible.

Some Movers May Offer Storage Options

Are you downsizing from a house to an apartment? Is your new house not completely ready for you yet? If you need to store some of your personal items in between places, you may not need to contact a separate self-storage facility. Many movers also offer storage space options for customers like you. Be sure to ask about insurance for the storage space as well and whether or not climate control is on the table.

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