Determining If No Running Water Is Water Well Pump-Related

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If you own a water well, you likely know that the well pump is necessary for you to have running water. If you suddenly discover that you do not have running water, a water pump issue is likely the culprit. This type of issue is a major inconvenience and can be frustrating if there is an emergency need for water. There are two things that you can do to determine if your well pump is the problem. Keep in mind that you may have issues that you cannot assess on your own. These issues will require a plumbing inspection to determine the cause. Issues that you can likely ascertain yourself are power and pressure issues. These may require a professional fix, but knowing that they are the potential problem can bring a sense of relief. 


You can assess potential pressure issues by checking the pressure and manually using the open and close feature of the switch. Doing this should cause the well pump to restart if your issue is well pump related and your pump needs a "boost" to reactivate itself. You should consider water well pump services if you have to frequently restart your pump. 


Well pumps require power to work. Sometimes a bad storm that involves thunder and lightning can cause circuit shorts. The circuit that powers your well pump may be affected even if other areas of your home appear to have working electricity. You can try turning the well pump's circuit on and off to see if it will start back working. 


Homeowners want their investments to last a long time. A properly cared for private well system can last a lifetime as long as there is a viable water source. Well pumps need to be serviced routinely. This is the best way to avoid mechanical failures. Water well pump services also will allow professionals the opportunity to gauge the condition of well pumps and determine if they are nearing the end of their lifecycles or need replacement parts. 

A plumber is the best resource to use for matters relating to a well. They have the tools needed to diagnose complex issues that may be causing interferences with running water. Sometimes the issue that is causing the problem may be related to things that cannot be seen at ground level. For example, developing groundwater issues or a depleting water source may initially signal through the absence of water. It is also possible for numerous other factors to affect water output and water quality.

Individuals with private wells need to ensure that they are in regular contact with plumbing professionals because owning a well means that one is responsible for all of the water that comes into their homes. This is a significant difference when compared to municipal water suppliers.  

To learn more, reach out to a local water well pump service.


2 November 2020

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