5 Applications For Aerial Imagery Acquisition

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The availability of aerial imagery acquisition services has expanded dramatically in recent decades. Improvements in drone vehicles, electrical power systems, digital photography devices, and even regular aircraft have all driven this evolution. Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks now use aerial imagery acquisition in a wide range of applications. Here are 5 applications you may want to consider.


While there's no substitute for conducting an on-the-ground-survey, you can accelerate the engineering process with aerial imagery. You may be able to spot potential trouble spots sooner. Likewise, mapping technologies make it easier than ever before to transfer data acquired into systems that can assess the condition of a property. All that means every construction project will operate with vastly better information.

Disaster Recovery

Aerial imagery acquisition capabilities that were once limited to governments and multinational corporations are now available to small businesses and even residential customers. If a farmer wants to find out, for example, how much of their crop was destroyed during a storm, they can get a detailed situation report in a matter of days or even hours. This allows them to respond faster, preventing bigger issues from developing in out-of-the-way spots.

Planning and Policy

Taking a bird's-eye view can make a major difference in planning projects and implementing policies. Non-government organizations, charities, community groups, and small governments now have access to aerial imagery acquisition services that can shed light on problems. You don't have to depend on what you can find on a map or an out-dated photograph anymore. With a handful of flights, a services provider can supply fresh or even real-time imagery and data that will influence policy.


Fly-over capabilities are essential in conducting accountability work in some regions and industries. If you want to keep tabs on how many oil wells are operating in a region, for example, there's a lot of value in getting regular visual updates. Rather than leaning on self-reporting from folks who may have their own interests in inflating or hiding numbers, you can get hard information fast.


Another case where an eye in the sky can make a big difference is in conducting certain forms of research. If you're studying how land use is changing as urbanization spreads through a region, conducting aerial surveys every few months can provide time-lapse imagery and data that will prove invaluable. Additionally, the imagery will make presentations more visually interesting and personally accessible as people can connect images of real locations to particular ideas.

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21 August 2020

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