2 Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Rental Dumpster For Your Home Clean-Out Project

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If you have an upcoming home improvement project that involves cleaning materials, old furniture, and unwanted possessions out of your house, you may have decided to rent a dumpster for a weekend or week to make getting rid of everything easier. While using the dumpster, make sure that you avoid making the following mistakes that could cause it to overfill or require multiple pickups, especially if you have an immense amount of items to throw away.

1.  Throwing Materials and Debris into the Dumpster Haphazardly

When the dumpster first arrives, you will see that you have so much space into which to throw things away. Because of this, you may start tossing in items without even paying attention to where they land. 

However, if you continue to throw materials and debris into the dumpster haphazardly, you will find that you will quickly run out of space. The refuse will not be distributed evenly, and you may have free air in between the items that is taking up the bulk of the space.

Instead of tossing things in without looking, plan out how and where you are going to stack items. You could start at one end of the dumpster, placing in items carefully so that they fit together without a lot of wasted space.

2.  Neglecting to Break Down Large Objects and Boxes

Another mistake you should avoid that could cause you to run out of space quickly is neglecting to break down larger items and boxes before you put them in the dumpster. Just because the dimensions will accommodate large pieces of furniture, sheets of old drywall, and utility boxes does not mean that you should fill up the space with them.

Before you throw boxes into the dumpster, break them down so that they are flat, then slide them along the sides or lay them on the bottom. For furniture, bust them apart into pieces so that you can fit the sections into free spaces. Old drywall can be broken or cut up into small sections so that it takes up less space.

Avoiding the above mistakes can help you make the most of the dumpster's space while you are cleaning out your house. It can also help you avoid having to have the dumpster hauled away and brought back several times, allowing you to save money. Speak with a representative with a residential dumpster rental service for more information and tips on using a dumpster for your home clean-out project.


21 August 2020

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