Sending Large-Format Documents? Why You Should Ship In Mailing Tubes

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If you're an architect who draws up customized plans for homes you are part of a very niche market. It's so common for people to live in cookie-cutter houses that seem to all melt together. Seeing a unique home that has all of the flair and pizzazz that comes with a towering roof, excellent doors, and perfect symmetry is truly a sight to behold. You may be thinking about branching out by offering your services to people in distant locations. Instead of having customers come to pick up their plans in person, you now make it possible for distant clients to place orders online and have the products shipped to them. Rather than send the drawn-up plans out in the traditional way, find out why it's much better to ship using mailing tubes.

Using Mailing Tubes Equals Happy Clients

When a person orders a set of plans from your business they expect the finished product to arrive at their location without folds and creases. A few wrinkles may not seem to be a big problem but if the blemishes are in the wrong places, they can completely destroy the look of the plans that you send out.

You want to always delight the customer and make sure that they are so pleased with their orders that they continue to utilize your services and refer you to others. Shipping plans in mailing tubes helps to maintain the integrity of the documents so that they get to the final destination in pristine condition without the need to spend days simply trying to knock the creases out of each sheet.

Mailing Tubes Take Up Less Space

Sending out large, flat documents can be problematic. Your shipments will most likely pass through many different hands. It's nearly impossible to keep the edges straight and intact when the package is being bounced around from one post office to another over the course of several days.

Mailing tubes are so much more convenient than the alternative. The documents will be rolled up and gently placed into each tube. A mailing tube is much more suited for tumbling down conveyor belts and being jostled as it makes its way across the country to the buyer.

Customers may also appreciate the mailing tubes because they can be reused for different purposes time and time again. Use mailing tubes for your business so your clients will always be happy with their orders.


18 May 2020

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