Plan The Invitations And The Food For Your Upcoming Wedding Shower

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Is one of your dearest friends getting married soon? Will you be hosting a wedding shower for her? If so, do you already have all of the details planned? Maybe you are still in the planning stages and you are looking for ideas. From making your own invitations to having private label bottled water as part of the refreshments, here are some ideas that might help you plan a fun and memorable wedding shower for your friend.

The Wedding Shower Invitations - Don't you usually receive invitations through social media now? Set the tone for the wedding shower by sending invitations through the mail. After all, don't most people love opening their mail box and finding personal mail instead of advertisements? And, making the invitations yourself will be even better. You certainly don't have to be a gifted artist to design a clever invitation.

For example, you could draw cute stick figures of a bride and groom. The groom could wear a top hat and the bride could have a colorful floral bouquet and a veil. Another idea is to obtain a baby picture of the bride for the front of the invitation. Words to accompany the baby picture could say something like, Look Who"s Getting Married!  As you design the inside part of the invitations, use pretty script in a color that complements the front of the invitation. 

Private Label Bottled Water And More - Start by ordering private label bottled water. You can even design the label yourself. For example, you could take the same design that you used for the wedding shower invitations and use it for the design on the label of the bottled water. If you've seen private label bottled water before, you already know that it makes a great impression. Think of how much the bride will love having her name and the name of her fiancĂ© printed on a label of the water that is served at the shower. And, the other attendees will think you're pretty clever, too.

You'll be amazed at how affordable it is to have your own label shrink-wrapped onto plastic water bottles. Just be sure to place your order early enough to have them for the shower. And, order enough bottles so that the bride can take left overs to use in her new home. Don't be surprised if bride copy cats you and has more bottles ordered for her wedding reception. 

While the bottled water might be the star of the meal, of course you'll want the other foods to be delicious, too. If the shower will be soon, it will more than likely be cool or even cold weather. With that in mind,  consider serving different hot soups. Make it even more special by serving the soup in bread bowls. Order a specialty cake for dessert. For example, ask the cake decorator to copy the same design that you used for the invitations and for the bottle labels.


23 October 2019

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