4 Tips For Using A Storage Unit As An Extension Of Your Home


In an ideal situation, you may have bought a home with more than enough storage space. But, you may have needed to make a sacrifice or two to buy a fitting home with essential features. This does not mean that you need to work with limited storage as long as you own the house as there is a reliable solution in renting a storage unit and treating it as an extension of your home.

Facility Location

The location of the facility that you choose is important because you do not want to put yourself into a situation in which you need to drive far away to reach your items. Ideally, you should be looking for a storage facility within a few minutes of driving to avoid any inconveniences. Being able to get to the storage facility without having to worry about traffic is well worth prioritizing.

Unit Location

Aside from the storage facility's location, you should also pay attention to where your unit may be located. While it may sound nice to be in a multistory building with your unit on the second or third floor, you may know that accessing your items would be somewhat challenging. It might be hard and demanding enough that you do not use your unit as much as you would like to.

Opting for a unit that you can park next to is perfect because it means that you will be able to put items in the unit or take them out quickly and easily.

Climate Control

When you are thinking about extending a storage shed, attic, or garage, all of which usually do not have air conditioning, you should not hesitate to go without climate control for storage. But, when you want more space from your bedrooms, closets, and cabinets, you may want to get climate control so that you do not put items at risk of damage due to temperature or humidity.

Operating Hours

In your home, you may feel confident about going to any storage space and accessing your items at any time. But, storage facilities often close for several hours per day and even the ones that are open all day and night are likely to close on certain days throughout the year. Finding a facility with the longest operating hours will help to make the storage unit feel like a part of your home.

Using these tips will help you rent a self-storage unit with confidence.


3 October 2019

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