Four Uses For EZ Up Replacement Canopies

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Various structures to draw attention to your business are worthy investments. Take the EZ up replacement canopy. This simple structure does more than provide shade. It provides you with all of the following uses and benefits.

Announces Your Presence at Expos

Most business expos and trade fairs have booths to rent, but really the word "booth" is a misnomer, since it is more or less a space on the concrete floor or sidewalk. A canopy sets up quickly and announces that you have a business and products you would like to share. It also sections off your "booth" at the expo or trade show from the ones next to you. If you really want to draw attention to your "booth," make sure your canopy is an unusual color or pattern that sets it apart from those around you. Customization of a canopy is a good idea too, since you can have the canvas canopy imprinted with your business's name.

Provides Cover and Protection at Farmer's Markets and Street or Art Fairs

Pop-up canopies also provide protection for everything you sell when you are outside at a farmer's market, street fair or art fair. In fact, they are wildly popular with artists because their work is protected from sudden cloud bursts and glaring sun, both of which can negatively impact drawing and painting media. While potential customers check out the goods and/or services you have for sale, you can sit comfortably in the shade of the canopy and either relax or work on some more products.

Keep Flowers from Wilting

If your business involves flowers in any way, a canopy can keep the flowers from wilting, which would result in a loss of inventory and sales. Florists frequently use canopies to keep flowers fresh when they sell flowers on street corners and when they have lots of fresh cut flowers for outdoor weddings. If you also grow flowers in a home garden and then cut and sell them in bouquets, you can store the flowers in buckets of water outdoors and under the canopy overnight before transporting them to your market spot the next day.

Open Truck Covers

Another way that canopies of this type can be used is over the tops of open fruit and vegetable trucks. If you grow fruits and vegetables for sale, the canopies can be erected over the back of the truck to keep the sun off the produce during the day. The canopy also helps deter birds that might otherwise dive for the fruit and vegetables while flying overhead.


27 February 2017

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