3 Spring Cleaning Tasks For Your Central Air Conditioning System

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Although you may not need to turn on your central air conditioning system yet, it is still a good idea to give your central air conditioning a good spring cleaning so that it is ready to go when you need it. Here are three tasks that you should complete this spring in relation to your central air conditioning system.

#1. Change Out The Filter

One of the most-forgotten air conditioning maintenance steps is changing out the air filter in your air conditioner. Your air filter is responsible for a couple of different jobs. To start with, it helps ensure that the air that you breath is as free of dust and allergens as possible. Second, filter the air helps your air conditioner work as effectively as possible. When your filter gets clogged, it takes more effort for your air conditioner to push air through the system and into your home.

Take some time to change out your air conditioning filter and clean the casing around your air conditioner. Your filter should be cleaned or replaced every few months, which is why you should purchase a couple of additional filters for the remainder of the year at this time. You should also put a reminder on your calendar to change or clean the air filter in a couple of months.

#2. Clean The Inside Registers

Second, you need to clean the inside registers for your air conditioning system. Take off the registers that cover up your air conditioning holes and clean both sides of them. They can get dirty over time. As the last thing that your air passes through before it goes into your home, you want your air conditioning registers to be clean. You may way to put a piece of cardboard or a large book over the opening as you clean each register so nothing accident goes down it while you are cleaning the cover.

If you are able to, wipe down and vacuum the portion of your duct that is visible under each register as well.

#3. Clean Off The Outside Of Your Unit

The inside of your unit is not the only thing that is going to get a little dirty over time. You should also clean off your outside unit, which may have leaves, twigs and other dirt and debris around it. Pull any debris that is sitting on the unit off it. Trim or cut back any weeds or foliage that is nearby. Use your hose to spray off the outside of the unit and remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated on it over the past year. 

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