3 Tips For Defining Roles When Working With Security Guards

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If you feel that you need to increase the security around your business, a great way to do that is by hiring security guards. Here are a few tips that will help you define the role that you want the security guards to play within your business.

#1 Ask for Recommendations

The first thing that you want to do is sit down with the security company that you are interested in working with and describe what type of assets that you have. From there, see what type of security they would recommend. This can help you get a different perspective on how to secure your business assets outside of whatever you had in mind.

#2 Decide If You Want Engagement or Observation

Second, you need to decide if you want security guards who engage or observe. Security guards who observe are going to do more perimeter patrols and create reports about what they see happening around your business. If they see someone stealing or doing something dangerous, they will not directly intervene but will rather report what happened to you.

Security guards who engage will not just observe and patrol, they will also take action when they see something happen. For example, they will stop shoplifters or step in if a fight or altercation occurs.

Just keep in mind that security officers who engage and step in when something is wrong generally cost more to hire, because they have more training and experience than more observation-based security guards.

#3 Clearly Define Security Guards Roles To Others

Third, make sure that you clearly define what you want the security guards to do and who you want them taking instruction from when they are on the job. Security's jobs are to keep your business and assets safe; it is not their job to be an extra pair of hands or provide manual labor for your business.

Your security guards are not there to shovel snow or carry boxes. Make sure that your other employees understand the role of the security guards and also understand what areas the security guards will not be assisting in. When your other employees understand the security guards' exact role, they will be able to focus better on the task at hand without being distracted with outside requests. 

If you decide to move forward with hiring security guards, be sure to work with the company you are contracting with to define the type and training of the guards that you hire and make sure that your employees accurately understand the role of the security guards. The more defined their role is, the easier they will be able to do their jobs. Check out websites like http://www.ssnwhq.com to learn more.


24 February 2017

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