Properly Caring for a Crystal Award

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If you just received a crystal employee award in recognition of the hard work you had done for your company, you most likely wish to place it in an area of your office so others can appreciate your accomplishments. Keeping your crystal award looking like brand new can be done if you follow a few maintenance steps. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your award continues to shine and shimmer, instead of becoming dull in appearance.

Keep Your Award in an Enclosed Location

It is a good idea to purchase a case to protect your award if you wish for it to remain in the best condition. A glass front wall case will allow you and others to view your award while it is safe from dust accumulation or possible breakage. Consider purchasing a case with a light inside. This will enhance the appearance of your award so it stands out and gets noticed. If you wish to place your award on your desk, purchase a plastic or glass enclosure to keep your award safe from its surroundings while still allowing you to view it when in your office.

Take the Time to Remove Dust Accumulation

Make it a part of your weekly routine to remove dust from your award. If you fail to remove dust it promptly, the grime can make your award look lackluster in appearance. Changes in the temperature in your office may also lead to the presence of a film upon your award. Use a soft paintbrush to remove loose dust from the crystal and any wood or engraved portions it rests upon. This will be able to get into small crevices well. A tool used to blow air from electronics such as laptops or desktop computers can also be used to help remove dust from your award.

Polish Your Crystal to Increase Its Beauty

Purchase a polish made especially for fine stones. This can be applied to your award at any time you wish to make it shimmer a bit more than normal. Make sure to wipe off your crystal award with a clean, dry piece of cloth after the application of the polish so there are no streaks left behind. Use a piece of microfiber so there is no risk of scratching your award during the polishing procedure.

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15 February 2017

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