Pond Liner Installation Tips You Should Know

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Pond liners help to ensure that ponds retain water. As a result, any mistakes that you make during the installation process can leave you with a leaking pond that requires frequent refilling. The following are pond liner tips that will come in handy in helping you construct a water-efficient pond.

Consider anchor lengths

During the installation process, you will need to sufficiently anchor the liner before you fill the pond with water. If you don't have the extra length needed to support the liner with bricks or any other weights, you will have problems filling the pool without the liner slipping into the excavation. Having extra lengths will also be useful in helping create a tight seal at the edge of the excavation.

Keeping in mind the need for these additional liner lengths is important as it will help you avoid having to waste time joining different pieces of the pond liner. Having to spend time joining the liner with special adhesives not only is expensive and time consuming, but also increases the chances of ending up with a leaking liner. Why? Because factory-welded seams tend to be more water-tight and less prone to tearing than at-home seams.

Eliminate piercing risks

The presence of sharp objects in the pond area will cause pond liner tears. The use of sharp vertical slopes will also increase the stress on the pond liner, making it susceptible to premature tears. Walking on the pond liner with pointed shoes will also increase the risks of your liner getting holes way before installation.

To protect your pond liner from getting pierced, make sure that you start the installation process by removing any traces of sharp stones. You can further protect it by filling the hole with matting, concrete or sand. These materials will create a uniform base that will help eliminate high-stress points that usually occur when the liner is installed on a rugged base.

Pull and tuck

When it is time to fill the pond, it is advisable that you let it fill up at a slow rate. This will give you ample time to pull and tuck the pond liner in order to guarantee a smoother finish. This is great for not only aesthetic purposes, but also protection against tears as creases tend to create high-stress areas on a pond liner. Gradually filling the pond will also allow enough time for the liner to stretch. This will later on help to prevent tears that tend to occur around edges of the pond as the pond liner settles.

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