Getting The Look Of Brick Without Building A Wall

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Brick walls can have a certain appeal to them, and old bricks seem to be even more sought after than new ones. But not every home or building has brick walls in it or was built from brick, so what do you do to get that look in your space? You could build a wall but there is a simpler way to go about it that doesn't require a mason and a lot of work.

Getting That Brick Look

Not that many years ago, if you wanted a brick look in your building, you would buy an imitation brick panel and put it up like sheetrock or paneling, but the bricks, while looking nice, had a repeating pattern to them and felt like plastic or foam when you touched them. That is not all that appealing, but it was the only choice at the time, short of a major remodel and building a new wall. There is a better solution now, and while it is a little harder to install, you can use a thin brick panel on your wall to not only get the look but also to get the feel of authentic bricks.

Installing Thin Brick Panels

Thin brick panels are made up of real bricks that have been cut so they are thinner than the full brick was. The bricks are then attached to a foam panel that can be installed easily on the interior or exterior of a home. Mortar is then spread over and around the bricks to fill in the spaces between them and allowed to dry. After the excess mortar is cleaned off the brick faces, you are left with a wall that has real bricks and real mortar on it, giving the illusion of brick construction. They look and feel like bricks because that is what they are, just thinner and pre-installed on the foam sheet. Once they are installed, people will have a hard time telling the difference.

Getting The Style Your Want For Your Wall

Depending on your use, you may want the look of new bricks or you may want them to look like they have been around for a hundred years. Brick panels are available in many different styles, and because they use real bricks to make them, the shape, color, and look of each brick is unique. Shop around and find the style you want when you get ready to build your brick walls and pick out the style that best suits your project. You can find these brick panels at home centers, lumber or building supply stores, and brick suppliers if you are doing the work yourself, or you could hire a contractor and have them source the panels for you.

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7 February 2017

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