Finding The Reason For A Low Or No-Heat Condition From Your Electric Baseboard Heater

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If you have an electric baseboard heater in your home, and you noticed it is not emitting warm air from it as it had in the past, you are most likely concerned about this occurrence and wish to reverse it so you can use the appliance when necessary. There are several reasons why a baseboard heating unit may not work properly at heating air to be dispersed into a home. Here are some tips you can use to get your baseboard heater back into good running condition.

Check That The Controls Were Not Altered

If someone had mistakenly turned the damper from an on to an off positioning, the heat that is to be projected into the room will remain inside of the heating unit. This is a quick fix that should be checked for before calling a specialist to take a look at the unit. The wiring should be checked for any frayed or crimped portions. If the wiring is altered in appearance, a furnace repair service will definitely need to be called as this is a fire hazard. It is also best to check that the electricity was not blocked because of a tripped circuit breaker.

Do A Complete Clean Out Of The Coils

The coils inside of an electric baseboard heater should remain free of debris for the best heat output. If debris accumulates on these coils, the heater will need to work harder to get rooms in the home at the right temperature level. It is best to take a look at the condition of these coils every few weeks to ensure they are not caked with dust or pet hair. Remove the cover and use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment to remove accumulated debris. This should be used slightly away from the coils so they do not bend accidentally while removing dirt. 

Make Sure Heat Is Not Obstructed

Rooms inside of your home may not feel as warm as you would like if there are obstructions to the pathway of the heat that comes out of your baseboard heating unit. Make sure draperies are not covering them, as this would lead to your heat being pushed toward your window instead of into the living space. Large pieces of furniture should not be placed in the direct pathway of the air that comes out of your unit as well. This could great restrict the amount of heat you feel inside of a room as a result.

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