Hire A Private Investigator If You See These Signs Of Potential Spousal Infidelity

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It can be a devastating feeling to accept that your spouse is being unfaithful to you, but obtaining this knowledge can be better than simply wondering. Given that it can be difficult to prove infidelity, you should turn to an expert to help you. Much of the work that private investigators do revolves around conducting surveillance on a married individual who is believed to be unfaithful. You can turn to a private investigator to get an answer for you, too. Here are some signs that your spouse is potentially being unfaithful that should prompt you to hire a private eye.

Secrecy With His/Her Cellphone

Many people who are unfaithful rely on their cellphone to communicate with the other party. You might notice that your spouse has changed his or her cellphone behavior to be more secretive. For example, perhaps the cellphone wasn't previously protected by a passcode, but now it is. Or, perhaps your spouse frequently left his or her cellphone in a common area such as the kitchen counter, and now it's exclusively being kept in his or her pocket. You might also notice that your spouse closes or hides the cellphone when you enter the room.

Frequently Avoids Spending Time Together

Another clue that could suggest the need for hiring a private investigator to see if your spouse is being unfaithful is that he or she has started to avoid spending time with you. Whether the person alleges that he or she needs to work late or says that he or she is spending time with friends on the weekend, these can often indicate some form of nefarious activity. Some people feel a high degree of guilt about their infidelities, and avoiding their spouse can be a way that they avoid having to deal with this guilt.

Changes In Personal Appearance

A change in your spouse's personal appearance doesn't necessarily indicate that he or she is being unfaithful, but it can indeed be a warning sign — especially if it's paired with other clues or you have a gut feeling. For example, perhaps your spouse has begun to vigilantly work out at a local gym after years of being out of shape. Or, perhaps your spouse has begun to take more of an interest in makeup and grooming after never considering these elements to be a priority in the past. In any of these cases, a private investigator like ICU Investigations can subtly conduct surveillance on your spouse and give you an answer about his or her indiscretions, thus allowing you to take the steps you deem necessary.


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