2 Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients To Look For In Your Organic Natural Body Lotion

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While most women and men pay attention to the signs of aging on their faces, the truth is that even with a young-looking face, a person can look older than they are if their necks, hands, and arms show their age. Of course, during the summer when you are at the beach in your bathing suit, the rest of your body can also show signs of aging that make all that work you put into keeping your face looking young seem like it was "for nothing." Don't worry that you have to cover your body in potentially hazardous anti-aging chemicals, because when you look for an organic natural lotion that contains one or both of these all-natural anti-aging ingredients, you can look younger without putting your health at risk. 

1. Niacinamide: Another Name for Natural Vitamin B-3

If you find an organic natural lotion that contains niacinamide, then don't think that the company is "cheating" by putting an unnatural chemical into it. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3 that, when taken as a supplement, has been shown to "silence the aging gene" and help prevent many age-related illnesses, including Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis, heart disease, and much more.

And, of course, your organic natural lotion also performs lots of anti-aging magic on your skin. When applied to your skin, it helps strengthen your skin's natural protective barrier while also increasing your skin's production of keratin and other important proteins that help keep it firm to prevent wrinkles. It has also been shown to help eliminate unwanted pigmentation, like sun spots, quickly and and naturally with daily use and prevent new ones from forming. 

Do you love the sound of niacinimide but already love an organic natural lotion that doesn't contain it? You can buy it in powder form from an online store that sells cosmetic ingredients, and simply add a bit to your lotion before you apply it to your body. 

2. Green Tea Oil or Extract: A Natural Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse

While skincare products that contain green tea extract are very popular among people who suffer from rosacea on their faces due to the natural ingredient's ability to soothe red and irritated skin, green tea extracts and oils also work very well to ward off the signs of skin aging. Green tea contains many antioxidants, including a very potent one called EGCG, and these antioxidants fight free radicals that damage your skin in many ways. When your skin is exposed to free radicals that are created by sun exposure, environmental pollutants, and even eating unhealthy foods, it ages more quickly and becomes more prone to skin cancer development. 

While you can't avoid all free radicals, you can protect your skin from the damage they create by using an organic natural lotion that contains green tea extract or green tea oil. Just like niacinimide, you can also purchase green tea extract or oil to add to your current organic natural lotion if you already have one that you love. 

You can take steps to ward off the signs of aging on your body without resorting to using chemical-filled anti-aging creams. Look for a natural organic lotion that contains one or both of these all-natural age fighters or add one to your favorite organic lotion and make sure to apply it every day to protect your skin from both aging and even skin cancer. 

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