Everything You Need To Take Advantage Of The Lake Behind Your New Vacation Home

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If you have a new vacation home, and you have a big beautiful lake right outside your backdoor, then you need to get some things so that you can enjoy it. Of course you can walk out and go swimming and fishing, but there are some accessories that you should invest in so that the property is more comfortable and fun, and that the lake is easier to access. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Aluminum Dock For Easy Access

One of the best things you can do is get a aluminum dock installed. This will make it much easier to go swimming as well as launch boats. Without a dock, you and your family will have to walk out through the muck and underwater weeds to reach deep water. This is nasty and feels slimy. Additionally, it will get your feet all gross, which is a problem if you have people walking back into your house. With a dock, people can walk out onto the platform (either aluminum, pressure treated wood, or a synthetic turf) and then climb down a ladder into the water.

If you have a boat, then it can be super difficult to launch in shallow water. When you sit down in the boat, the weight will cause it to dip a bit. If you have a dock, you can pull the boat out to the end of the dock and then get in by climbing into the boat while it's in deeper water. This will protect the bottom of the boat from getting damaged by rocks, which is a concern if you have a fiberglass vessel.

Kayak, Rowboat, or Canoe

You need a boat, so consider the popular types for a lake. Kayaks are great for people who love to get close to the water and want a real workout. However, most kayaks are for a single person, so you will want to get a couple if you have a family. Rowboats are really fun, and people can stand up in them, so they are less likely to tip over. They are also romantic, so if you and your spouse like the idea of rowing around at dusk, a rowboat is the obvious pick. A canoe is an old standard. It's popular with people because everyone can get a turn paddling it, unlike a rowboat where only one person is the designated rower. If you have a bunch of kids who would all like to feel like they are taking part in the ride, then get a canoe.

Boat Storage Container

Because this is your vacation home, and you're not going to be there all the time to watch over your property, you need a boat storage shed. You don't want to try and chain the boat up to a tree because thieves will see the boats, and once they realize you're not full timers, they can come back with bolt cutters and abscond with the boats. So the best thing to do is get yourself a dedicated boat storage unit and have it on your property. These can be large like a shed, or you can get one with a small profile if you don't plan on keeping anything in it except the boat and paddles/oars. 

For more info about storing your boat, especially during the off season, contact a company like Home Port Self Storage.


27 January 2017

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