3 Features To Look For When Choosing A Truck Rental For Your Cross-Country Move

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Are you looking for the perfect truck to rent for your family's cross-country move? Here are a few features to look for during your hunt:

A Spare Tire

Most people don't think about the possibility of getting a flat tire or running out of gas when renting a moving truck because if something goes wrong while on the road, they can just call the rental company and have someone dispatched to help them. But for something as simple as a flat tire, do you really want to wait around on the side of the road for upwards of an hour to get a spare when you could just change the tire yourself? Make sure that the moving truck you rent is equipped with a full-size spare tire you can get back on the road quickly if you get a flat.

Storage Space

Because you'll be traveling across the country to reach your new home, it's a good idea to make sure that the truck you rent for the trip has plenty of storage space inside the cab to take advantage of. The space behind the cab's back seats should be big enough to store jackets and blankets. The seats should provide enough space underneath to store suitcases or small coolers filled with refreshments. And the front seats should have storage bags attached to their backs for knick-knacks.

There should be enough legroom in front of each seat for everyone to stretch their legs out while driving down the road. Take the time to get inside the cab of any trucks you consider renting and checking out the storage space they each has to offer. If possible, load your entire family in the truck and take it on a test drive so everyone can imagine whether they'll have the space they need during your long-distance drive.

Food and Drink Accommodations

There's a good chance that you and your family will want to enjoy meals on the go, snacks, and drinks while riding in the cab during your cross-country moving trip, so the truck you rent should provide convenient accommodations to make this possible. Look for a rental truck that features cup holders and small consoles between the seats that are flat enough to be used as tables. It's also a good idea to make sure your rental truck has plastic seats and floor mats in it, so nothing gets ruined if someone spills something.

By making sure that your moving truck rental has the features listed here, you'll help ensure that the family's moving experience is more convenient, comfortable, and fun overall. 


27 January 2017

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