Serve Frozen Yogurt In An Appealing And Entertaining Way At Your Child's Birthday Party

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If you are going to be hosting a backyard birthday party for your young child and their closest friends and will be serving frozen yogurt as the dessert, the following ideas can be used to assist with making dessert time appealing and entertaining for all of the kids.

Taste Testing Station

Provide samples of the flavors of yogurt so that children can select the ones they like the best when it is time to serve dessert. Put a small amount of yogurt in plastic snack cups. Line the cups up on a table so that children can choose the ones that they would like to try. Hand each child a miniature wooden taster spoon to use while testing each flavor.

To make the tasting event more interesting, ask for volunteers. Direct the volunteers to sit down in chairs and blindfold them. Hand them taster spoons that have different flavors of frozen yogurt on them and ask them if they can identify the flavor of each sample. Award the child who is able to identify the most flavors with a small prize when the tasting event is over.

Topping Bar

Set up a topping bar across a long table. Fill bowls or trays with items such as chocolate chips, caramel, fudge, fruit snacks, and sprinkles. After filling containers with the types of yogurt that each child has chosen, allow them to choose the toppings that they prefer in order to create their own frozen yogurt masterpieces. Describe the toppings to the group of children before any of them are  added to the yogurt and assist children with adding ones that could potentially make a mess. 

Color Changing Spoons And Lids

Once your child and their friends are seated at a picnic table or sitting down in chairs that surround patio tables, hand out color changing spoons and lids. Color changing items have a chemical coating that reacts to changes in temperature. Each child may be surprised when they see that their spoon changes its color right before their eyes.

Once everyone is finished with dessert, children can place a lid on their container if they haven't finished eating all of their yogurt. Label each container and place all of them inside of a refrigerator. Give the guests their containers and spoons when the party has ended so that they can take the color changing items home with them and use them during other occasions.

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