Stage Your Model Home To Attract Buyers

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The purpose of a model home is to showcase the builder's vision for a new subdivision as well as highlight the quality and construction expertise that can be had if you buy one of their homes. A "staged" home, one that has been decorated, helps potential buyers better visualize the space and envision themselves living there. Here are five tips to make the house you're selling feel more like a home.

Consider Your Target Market

If your home and subdivision will cater to young families, let the décor reflect that. Choose a seating area that will allow the whole family to gather in front of the media center. Use modern and contemporary textures, fabrics, and materials for the other furnishings, window treatments, and decorations. Make it look kid-friendly. If you are targeting older adults, choose more traditional furnishings and décor that will appeal to their aesthetic style.

Pay Attention To The Entryway

When prospective buyers walk through the front door, the foyer area is the first "room" they will see. Stage it so they can see it will suit their needs. You will likely have them put on the protective booties often offered in showcase homes to protect the flooring, and you don't want them trying to balance as they do so. Have a bench to sit down on and take their boots off.  If there isn't a closet, add a hall tree and a shoe rack. Strategically place a small hall table for putting the mail and keys on.

Decorate The Key Areas

You don't need to fill every room with furniture, but the main living area, dining room, kitchen, and the master bedroom should be addressed. While a massive master bedroom set may seem impressive, you want to rent furniture that is smaller in scale to maximize the feel of the space and visually enlarge the room. When possible, don't place furniture directly against the wall. Instead, leave sufficient space for buyers to walk around and behind furniture. This makes the space feel roomier.

Use Accessories Sparingly

Add a well-placed plant or flower arrangement on a side table. Hang one portrait over the mantle. Make sure these items add a splash of color to the contractor beige typical in new homes.

Don't Forget The Backyard

Highlight the outdoor living space as well. Add a patio table and chairs. Put a grill on the deck. Set a glider swing or hammock in the yard. Help your prospective buyers fantasize about all the great times they could have out there.  


1 December 2016

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