Signs Your Rural Farmhouse's Septic System Needs To Be Pumped Out

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If you moved from the city to the country in order to retire on a small hobby farm, then it is vital that you understand how to tell when your farmhouse's septic tank needs to be pumped out. While your home's septic tank should process waste for many years without much intervention from you, it will eventually become full and need to be professionally pumped out. Failure to pump out the septic tank when it gets full will lead to catastrophic failure of the system's leach field and leach lines. Since these components are very expensive to repair, you need to know how to tell that there is a need to have your septic tank pumped before the situation becomes critical.

Below are some common signs that your rural farmhouse's septic tank is in need of pumping out:

Both Your Kitchen and Bathroom Drains are Draining Slowly

If one drain is slow in your home, then there is probably a clog in the plumbing. However, if your home has multiple drains that are slow, this often signals that the septic tank is full. Since the water doesn't have anywhere to go in a full tank, it will sit in your drains and plumbing while the system purges enough wastewater down the leach lines to allow it to flow into the tank. This is often the first sign that your home's septic tank is in need of pumping.

You Smell Odors Outside of Your Home

Since there are many gasses inside of your home's septic tank, a leaking or full tank will often vent these gasses to the surface in your yard. If you smell the undeniable scent of human waste outdoors, then you need to have someone come out and inspect the problem. Most often, septic odors on your property will be a sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped.

Your Yard has a Patch of Very Healthy Vegetation

Finally, since your farmhouse's septic system's components are all located underground on your property, if the septic tank is too full, then you may see an area of your yard where the vegetation appears very healthy from a lot of water. If the system is overflowing from the septic tank itself, then you will see a rectangular area of vegetation above the location of the tank. If it is overflowing water out of a broken leach line or a bad leach field, then you will likely see puddles of water on the surface or round patches of very green vegetation.

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