3 Effective Ways to Share Company News

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When you want to announce big news for your company, like an expansion, major investment, or the selection of a new CEO, you have many options. The key is to share your company news in an effective way that doesn't get drowned out among all the other announcements and articles your clients and colleagues will encounter during their day. These three ways to share company news are straightforward but highly effective:

Write a Killer Press Release

A carefully crafted and interesting press release will get picked up and quoted by local (and in some cases national) media, bringing you a lot of attention for minimal effort. In order to improve the odds of this happening, it pays to spend extra time drafting the perfect press release. Your press release should be concise, quotable, get to the point quickly, and include a photo and a catchy headline. When in doubt, it's best to subcontract this task to a freelance writer specializing in press releases or a PR company.

Shoot a Video Announcement

Your clients and social media followers are much more likely to watch and engage with a video announcement than an announcement that relies on text and graphics alone. Videos also get shared much more often: a whopping 1200% more often, to be exact. If you are announcing news that you really want to spread and be shared as much as possible, hire a marketing company to create a professional, polished, and engaging video announcement that you can then share on all your social media channels.

Make Use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be especially effective for sharing business-related news, because its users are logged on specifically for career and business-related reasons, and therefore more open to and interested in this type of announcement. LinkedIn also makes it very easy to share news with your network or publicly for wider reach.

You have the option of creating a simple, short update (which can link to your press release or an external blog post) or using their publishing feature to create a LinkedIn blog post dedicated to your announcement. LinkedIn's publishing feature makes sharing posts easy and even has built-in SEO so your announcement may end up reaching a much wider audience than your own personal network.

As you can see, making business announcements doesn't have to be complicated. These methods for delivering company news are simple to implement, but still attention-grabbing.


30 November 2016

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