Using Antique Push Button Light Switches To Complete An Old-Time Look

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Getting all the details right on an antique shop front, dining room, or showroom can be tricky, but nothing looks more out of place than a plastic light switch in the middle of an ornately painted or wallpapered wall. In order to avoid this decor faux-pas, spending a few extra dollars for an antique style push button switch can be well worth the money, and does a great job of preserving the image you want your business to project. 


Some of the first wall switches for electric lighting were push buttons or twist knobs, dating as far back as the McKinley presidency. This kind of authenticity is the perfect way to make sure that your interior decor is executed authentically down to the letter. Also, modern versions of these dinosaurs allow any electrician to install them, you don't need an expert on antique electrical work to come in for the project. 


Old school push button light switches allow for just as much customization as their modern counterparts, if not more. For starters, the number of switch plates is nearly endless, and all push button switches look great even with just a plain brass plate. Second, the buttons themselves can be customized, meaning you can do brass for a cool steam punk look, or mother-of-pearl for a more refined look for a project like a tea room. The same just can't be said for your run-of-the-mill plastic switches, which are usually limited to just white or black. 


One major concern people have about these types of switches is their safety, as the originals were made long before standardization of an electrical safety code. In order to make sure that you won't be installing a fire hazard along with your cool new light switch, check the package to see if the product is UL Listed, which is a recognized mark of safety. If you're looking for an authentic vintage switch, however, make sure to have a licensed electrician look at it and install it so as to avoid any issues. 

In many old-style decors, the icing on the proverbial cake is the finest of details. One of these details is the light switch, and whether or not it works into the grand scheme of things. Choosing an antique push button switch for your lighting fixtures is a great way to flesh out your design and make sure that no detail goes overlooked when going for an old school look. (For more information on antique lighting, contact New Metal Crafts Inc)


12 March 2015

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