3 Ways To Make Your Grass Greener

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It seems like there are always people who have perfectly green lawns, and you may wonder what their secrets are. If you want to have the greenest lawn on the block, then here are 3 options you can try.

Manure Fertilizer

While this can be a smelly option, manure is really good for your grass and for the soil. Manure contains nutrients that will absorb back into the soil and into the grass roots, which will thereby strengthen the grass.

When this happens, the grass will be properly nourished and will be much greener. If you choose to fertilize with manure, choose composted manure from a nursery or from a dairy farm. This type of fertilizer is gentler on the grass, does not smell nearly as bad, and it will not harm delicate plants.

Using straight manure can actually kill some of your plants because the nutrients are so concentrated and are too strong. 

Also, only use this type of fertilizer on grass and plants that you will not eat. You do not want to use manure on a vegetable garden because manure still contains bacteria and can make your food turn bad. You can then get sick if you eat the food; so keep the fertilizer far away from your veggies.

Apply Compost

Another option is to make and apply compost to your yard. You can make compost a month or two before you need it, and the more ingredients you have, the better it will be. 

Consider adding dirt, leaves, fruit and vegetable peels, hay, tree bark, and flowers. Put all of these ingredients in a plastic or metal garbage can, and keep the lid sealed. As you let these ingredients sit, they will break down and turn into compost.

You can then pour the compost over your yard and garden, and it will help nourish the soil so that the soil provides a health environment for your grass.


Lastly, you may not realize how much winterizing your lawn can help it look green in the spring. You will winterize your lawn in the fall or when the weather starts to turn colder. Make sure that you still water the grass as soon as the fertilizer is on the grass so that it does not burn it. After watering once or twice, your grass will not need anymore.

Winterizer will help to prevent grub worms and other insects from eating the roots of the grass under the ground. This is important, because if the grass roots are weak, then the grass will not grow green, or it may not grow at all.

If you winterize in the fall or winter, then your grass will spring back much quicker in the spring as well, and you should not see dead spots from insects eating the grass.

With these 3 treatment options, and professional help from places like H 2 O Systems Inc, you can help your grass to look the greenest it has ever been. Just be persistent and make sure that you treat your yard every year with the proper nutrients.


14 November 2014

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